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Barren County School District Mental Health Coordinator

Shawna Shartzer                          hi                          

My name is Shawna M. Shartzer and I am honored to begin my 5th school year with Barren County School District.   I went to Temple Hill Elementary School K-8.  BCHS 9-12. WKU BA & MSW.  Married for 26 years with 2 children.  Programs that I am involved in are: Sources of StrengthEvery Monday MattersFellowship of Christian AthletesToo Good For Drugs, yoga4classrooms, Breath4Change, Botvin, The Zones of Regulation.  I assist our DPP/School Safety Coordinator, Principals and School Resource Officers in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings to maintain physical and psychological school safety.  I help reduce barriers to increase academic achievements by implementing social emotional learning, substance use prevention, trauma-sensitive and suicide prevention resources in our schools.  I network with parents and out of school community partners to ensure our students are receiving resources available as needed.  I work closely with our School Counselors, School Psychologists, FRYSC, and other program personnel to review  and implement support plans as students transition into the Barren County School setting from out-of-district school placements.  Students/staff come to me for topics such as study skills, motivation for academic achievement, social skills, organizational skills, everyday living skills, mediation, coping with transitions, conflict resolution, grief/loss, implementing healthy coping skills, and/or stress management.  I work in all of our Barren County Schools in-person, virtual, and home visits upon request.  I can be reached during school hours from 7-3 Monday-Friday.  

"My tone of voice is nurturing and confident instilling hope that you will be successful.  My facial expression is reflective of “I believe in you and I won’t give up on you”.  My posture tells you that you are worth my time.  My eye contact and eye level will help support you until you believe in yourself.  My listening ears are here for you until you understand yourself."


Physical Activity Strategies: movement break, walk to get a drink of water, take bathroom break, ask a teacher if can run an errand, standing instead of sitting, using a stress ball, chair yoga, going to gym, teaching class outside, other classroom exercises, progressive muscle relaxation techniques.

Sensory & Grounding Strategies: red hots, drinking 8oz of water, looking up, sour candy, ice cubes, wash hands/face, look at pleasant photo, listen to music, smelling different scents, touch a smooth stone or marble, pet a stuffed animal, rub a soft blanket. Find 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.

Relaxation & Mindfulness Strategies: deep breathing, belly breathing, box breathing, 5 finger breathing, do nows, bell ringers, counting, check & connect, drawing, writing in journal, talking to someone, positive self-talk interventions, meditation, guided visualization.

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There are two days in every week about which we should not worry, two days which should be kept free from fears and apprehensions.  One of these days is Yesterday.  Yesterday has passed forever beyond our control.  We cannot undo a single act we performed; we cannot erase a single word said.  Yesterday is gone.  The other day we should not worry about is Tomorrow.  Tomorrow's sun will rise, either in splendor or behind a mask of clouds, but it will rise.  Until it does, we have no stake in tomorrow, for it is yet unborn.  This leaves only one day, Today!  We can fight the battle of just one day at a time.   

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"I" Statement:

When you ______________________________________.

(explain the situation or what happened in your own words)

I feel___________________________________________.

(use feeling words: frustrated, bothered, scared, disgusted,

worried, sad, aggravated, hurt, embarrassed, nervous, lonely,

anxious, bitter, abandoned, inadequate, confused, awkward,

disorganized etc...)

Because I________________________________________.

(provide a reason or personal belief about the situation)

Therefore, I would ask_______________________________.

And I, in turn, would be willing to_______________________.

Is that acceptable to you or do you have another suggestion?

Image result for mathematics quotesRelaxation Technique:


(Now think about healthy fatigue after exercise)


(Now think about a warm embrace)


(Now think about the nicest compliment you ever received)


(Now think about the most beautiful place you have ever been)

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5 Finger Breathing Exercise

 Inhale through your nose as you trace up your thumb. Pause at the top of your thumb. Exhale through nose as you trace down your thumb.  Repeat for each finger. If your mind begins to wander, simply notice the sight of your hand and feeling of your fingers.  Repeat if needed.       


Think about a place outside that can make you feel warm and safe, on your porch, in a swing, in your car, on a creek bank, in a field of tall grass, on a float in the water, or on a sandy beach. Imagine that you are lying down looking up into the clouds. Imagine your worry and stress as one of those clouds. Look at this cloud closely. Is it high, far away, or super close to you? Is it white and fluffy, dark and stormy or something else? Sometimes our cloud makes us feel stressed, sad, or even angry.  Whatever you are noticing, just allow yourself to be aware of it.  No need to change or judge your thoughts.  They are all ok to have.  Is your cloud moving or staying in place? Sometimes clouds look like they are sitting in the same place forever, but there's actually always movement. Even when we are not aware.  With time, every cloud moves on just like our feelings.  The new feelings are drifting in and they look different than the ones that were just there.  Keep all these feelings in your cloud and push them up above.  If they start to trickle down, acknowledge them and then create a gentle breeze to blow them back up in the air.  

Put one hand on your stomach and one hand on your heart. Begin to notice your breathing. Breathe in... and out... in . . . and out . . .  Now watch and feel your stomach and your chest .  Are you a belly breather or chest  breather? Either is ok, I just want you to recognize and acknowledge it.  Try to keep breathing this way as we continue. In….and out….  Now notice are you breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, in through your mouth and out through your mouth, or in through your nose and out through your nose?  Again either is ok, I just want you to acknowledge and recognize.  If your cloud comes down and starts to make your brain get fidgety to distract you just acknowledge, breath, and tell it you will deal with those things later.  If it helps when you breathe in say to yourself “Be” and when you breathe out say to yourself “Still.”  Be...Still...

Close your eyes or simply look down.  Make an angry face, smile, now relax all those muscles in your face.  Make sure your jaw is loose and unclench your teeth.  You might move your jaw from left to right.   Shrug your shoulders bringing them as close to your ears as you can and release.  Make a fist and tighten your biceps and chest, now relax. Make sure your face, arms, chest and shoulders are completely relaxed.  Relax your jaw. Now suck in your stomach as tight as you can and release.  Push the back of your knees into the mat to tighten your thighs and flex your feet so you can tighten your calf muscles.  Relax.  Lastly, curl your toes as tight as you can. And release.  Breath in .. . . and out . . .. Think about your face, arms, chest, shoulders, stomach, legs, and feet and relax any part that might still be tight. Release your jaw. Now open your eyes. Gently wiggle your fingers and toes and reach your arms above your head for your full body stretch of relaxation.


Common Defense Mechanisms (Just tell the truth, honesty is still the best policy:)

Score yourself 0-10 (0-never,10-all the time) then rewire your brain by noticing times when you would have dones these but didn't and reward yourself;)

____  Rationalization: logical but false explanations

____  Projection: attribute your unacceptable ideas and impulses to others

____  Denial: reject or deny reality

____  Reaction Formation: avoid facing unpleasant truth by acting opposite to the way you feel.

____  Compensation: offsetting a defect with a real achievement

____  Identification: instead of being yourself you imitate someone you admire

____  Fantasy: using fantasy to dull the pain of reality

____  Regression: regress to a childlike state when in trouble

____  Isolation: separate from the emotions associated with an event

____  Displacement: hostile feelings are vented against safer people rather than against those who caused the feelings

____  Undoing: when feel guilty can undo guilt by acting in a manner that reflects the reverse of this act.

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Cognitive Distortions

Score yourself 0-10 (0-never,10-all the time) then rewire your brain by noticing times when you would have done these, but didn't, and reward yourself;)

____  All or Nothing Thinking: If performance falls short of perfect, you see a total failure.

____  Overgeneralization: You see a single negative event as a never-ending pattern of defeat.

____  Mental Filter: You pick out a single negative detail and obsess on it so that your vision of all reality becomes darkened.

____  Disqualifying the Positive: You reject positive experiences by insisting they “don’t count.”

____  Jumping to Conclusions: You make a negative interpretation even though there are no definite facts that support your conclusion. Like Mind Reading when you conclude that someone is reacting negatively to you and you don’t bother to check this out. Or like The Fortune Teller Error when you anticipate that things will turn out badly and you feel convinced that your prediction is an established fact.

____  Magnification, Catastrophizing or Minimizing: You exaggerate the importance of things or you shrink things until they appear not important.

____  Emotional Reasoning: You allow your emotions to tell you that you feel it, so it must be true.

____  Should Statements: You try to motivate yourself or others with guilt saying should, or shouldn’t, must, ought, etc...

____  Labeling & Mislabeling: Attaching negative labels that are generally not factually descriptive.

____  Personalization:  You see yourself as the cause of some negative external event, which in fact, you were not primarily responsible for.

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9 Essential Coping Skills by Lisa M. Schab:

1.) Deal With Your Feelings

2.) Adjust Your Attitude

3.) Discover Your Choices

4.) Ask For Help

5.) Give Yourself A Relaxation Break

6.) Accept Imperfection

7.) Plan Ahead

8.) Take Care of Yourself

9.) Take One Step At A Time


Grief Healing Support:

EMAIL:, BOOKS:  The Memory Book by Joanna Rowland, The Invisible String by Patrice Karst, You Are Not Alone by Lynne B. Hughes, Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman, Chester Racoon and the Acorn Full of Memories by Audrey Penn, The Empty Chair Handling Grief on Holidays and Special Occasions by Susan J. Zonnebelt-Smeenge R.N., ED.D & Robert C. De Vries D. MIN, PH.D

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Coping Skill APPS

stop, breathe & think (free), virtual hope box (free), 7cups , inside timer (free), oak meditation (apple only), breathe (free), TalkSpace, SILK Interactive Art (free), MY3, Now Matters Now, Your Life Your Voice, breathe2relax, calm (school staff/student enter email address and it's free), Alarmy-Morning Alarm Clock (free)


FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) supported by the South Central Kentucky FCA has character coaches for team devotions with our sports teams on BCHS campus.  FCA creates opportunities not only for students in sports, but all students to meet weekly and on special occasions to share their faith in each of our Barren County Schools. FCA is a peer led program that allows students an opportunity to pray together, study the Bible together and interact socially with each other.  If you are interested, simply contact your school to get information on how to join. 

Calvary Youth Group 
Pastor - Randy Shaw, Student Pastor - Brian Pickerel
307 Columbia Avenue, Glasgow, KY 42141 // 270-651-8572

Cave City Baptist Church Youth Group
Pastor - Ryan Broers
501 Broadway Street, Cave City, KY 42127 // 270-773-3471

Cedar Grove Baptist Church Youth Group
Pastor - Troy Stephens
300 Cedar Grove Road, Glasgow, KY 42141 // 270-678-4695

Coral Hill Baptist Church Youth Group
Pastor - Ray Woodie, Student Pastor - Andy Brownfield
3260 Coral Hill Road, Glasgow, KY 42141 // 270-453-4108

Crossland Church Youth Group
Pastor - Jason Brooks, Student Pastor - Ross Anglen
217 N L Rogers Wells Boulevard, Glasgow, KY 42141 // 270-842-4428

Glasgow Baptist Church Youth Group
Pastor - Erdie Carter
401 South Green Street, Glasgow, KY 42141 // 270-651-2186

Glasgow Cumberland Presbyterian Church Youth Group
Pastor - Kenny Hardin, Youth Leader - Amy Bellamy
101 Cumberland Street, Glasgow, KY 42141 // 270-651-3308

Glasgow First United Methodist Church Youth Group                                                                                                                                                          Youth Leaders-Stefany and James Mack                                                                                                                                                                                   500 South Green Street, Glasgow, KY 42141//270-651-5282

Highland Hills Youth Group
Pastor - Chad Lockhart, Student Pastor- Casey Chambers
302 South Broadway St, Glasgow, KY 42141 // 270-361-5117

Immanuel Youth Group
Pastor - Jeremy Atwood, Student Pastor - Wes Shipley
104 Western Hills Road, Glasgow, KY 42141 // 270-678-7729

New Life Ministry Youth Group
Pastor - Bobby Wood
4636 Glasgow-Park City Road, Glasgow, KY 42141

Park City Baptist Church Youth Group
Pastor - Frank Stratton
24701 Louisville Road, Park City, KY 42160 // 270-749-2126

South Fork Baptist Church Youth Group
Pastor - Corey Edwards
1932 South Fork Road, Glasgow, KY 42141 // 270-678-3772

Southside Youth Group
Pastor - David Purichia
1163 Trojan Trail, Glasgow, KY 42141 // 270-576-6362

Temple Hill Youth Group                                                                                                                                                                                                        Pastor-Frank Benton, Youth Leaders Stacy & Anthony Myatt                                                                                                                                                8427 Tompkinsville Road, Glasgow, KY 42141//270-427-3126

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Support Numbers

School-based Mental Health Provider List

Parents/Guardians throughout our Barren County School System work with Licensed Mental Health Professionals who are more than willing to come to our schools to see their children under circumstances of conveniences with work hours and/or transportation.  Listed below are pictures and phone numbers of the Licensed Mental Health Professionals from many different agencies that take time out of their office schedules to see students at our schools for extra support as needed:

 Heather ColePatrick SolomonSydney Jones



Family Care Counseling Heather Cole, MA (Special Education & Behavior Disorders), Patrick Solomon, LPCA, Sydney Jones, LCSW (BCHS, BCMS, CSC, Austin Tracy School)  270-253-3722

Tracy EnglandKara Harris




Family Options, Inc. Tracy England , LCSW (270) 659-0035 (BCHS, Trojan Academy, BCMS, Austin Tracy, Eastern, Hiseville, North Jackson, Park City, Red Cross,Temple Hill), Kara Harris, LPCC (270)659-0035 (BCHS, Trojan Academy, BCMS, Austin Tracy, Eastern, Hiseville, North Jackson, Park City, Red Cross,Temple Hill)

Erin Morgan




Family Works  Erin Morgan, CSW (270) 590-8087 (BCHS, Trojan Academy, BCMS, Austin Tracy, Eastern, Park City, Red Cross, Temple Hill)

      Ivan JinesSummer Watson



Healthy Kids Clinic Ivan Jines, LPCC 270-618-1501 (Temple Hill School & Austin Tracy School), Summer Watson, LPCC 270-670-9228 (Barren County Middle School), Kayla LaMure, LCSW 270-883-1702 (Park City School, Eastern School), Jenna Shipley, LPCC (Red Cross School, Hiseville School)

Randy Rush



The Oaks Randy Rush, LMFT 270-590-0959 (Hiseville, Eastern, BCMS)


Other parents/guardians, students, staff prefer to see Licensed Mental Health Professionals at an office location or virtual: 

Adanta 270-651-7070, 218 Columbia Avenue, Glasgow, KY 42141                                                                                                       

Alliance Counseling Associates 270-678-4801, 104 Reynolds Road Glasgow, KY 42141, Fax: 270-678-3866

Associates in Counseling & Psychology 270-393-9833, 1011 Lehman Ave #103, Bowling Green, KY 42103

Barren River Area Safe Space 270-659-08231-800-928-1183, 102 West Front Street, Glasgow, KY 42141

Bluegrass Professional Counseling 270-696-3181, 103 West South Street, Munfordville, KY 42765

Crossroads Pregnancy Center 270-651-22991-800-712-4357, 123 East Washington Street Glasgow, KY 42141

Family Care Counseling  270-253-3722, 115-C Bluegrass Road Franklin, KY 42134

Family Options, Inc. 270-659-0035, 108 Ensminger Drive, Glasgow, KY 42141

Family Works 270-746-6600, 502 Happy Valley Road, Glasgow, KY 42141

Healthy Kids Clinic 270-651-9696,301 Professional Park, Glasgow, KY 42141 

Hope Harbor 270-659-3033, 200 South Green Street, Suite 202, Glasgow, KY 42141

LifeSkills, Inc. Care representatives Hilary Meredith or Liana Sandlin at 1-270-901-5999 can schedule your first appointment and transfer you to triage for a phone screening if in need of a crisis plan.  Barren Service Center is at 608 Happy Valley Road, Glasgow, KY. Phone number is 1-270-651-8378 and fax is 270-651-9248. Children’s Crisis Unit number is 1-270-901-5000 ext. 1242 at 501 Chestnut Street, Bowling Green, KY 42103. Adult Crisis Unit number is 1-270-843-4357 or 1-800-223-8913 at 822 Woodway Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101. For services due to active visual/auditory hallucinations call 1-270-901-5000 and contact James Bendor or Rachel Wyatt.  Fax: 270-781-8646. Address: 328 East 10th Avenue, Bowling Green, KY 42101.

The Oaks Behavioral Health 270-861-0606 100 South Broadway, Glasgow, KY 42141.

Kentucky Employees' Health Plan for Mental Health and Substance Use  https://personnel.kygove/Pages/livehealth.aspx.  For expenses use your WageWorks VISA Healthcare card.  Substance Use Disorder telephone resource line available 24/7 at 1-855-873-4931.  Free doctor and therapy visits through LiveHealth Online Medical, Psychology, and Psychiatry 1-888-548-3432 or See page 22 on 2019 Handbook.  "Rethink" beginning January 1, 2019 a free benefit to support those caring for children with learning or behavioral challenges.  Log in to using enrollment code KEHP.  Call 1-800-714-9285 for assistance in signing up or for questions.


Dr. Jeffrey Zellers  270-651-8378 at 608 Happy Valley Road, Glasgow, KY 42141.

Dr. Hyatt 270-651-7070/270-384-2499  910 Columbia Avenue, Glasgow, KY 42141

Dr. Louis Mudd 720 2nd Avenue Suite 300, Bowling Green, KY, 42101

Dr. Mrinal Mullick/Dr. Charu Raghuvanshi 270-843-1199 1035 Porter Pike, Bowling Green, KY 42103

Dr. David Kapley/Dr. Janice Bunch 270-793-0869/270-782-1146 611 Old Morgantown Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101


Dr. Ollie Dennis Psychological Services 270-651-2816 1010 Glenview Drive, Glasgow, KY 42141

Dr. Robert Fane  270-393-9833, 1022 Lehman Ave, Suite 103 Bowling Green, KY 42101

Dr. Cathy Reeves 270-842-0029, 1212 Ashley Circle #3, Bowling Green, KY 42104

Dr. Rick Grieve Western Kentucky University 270-745-2695 (IQ-$75), (IQ & Learning Disability $150), (MMPI $75), (Full Personality, IQ, ADHD, Depression, & Achievement $250)

Substance Use Recovery Services (in person) (online recovery support meetings)

(Alliance, Family Options, Family Works, Healthy Kids Clinic, LifeSkills & The Oaks mentioned above also provide substance use services,)

Support Groups

Arc of Barren County Volunteer-based membership organization made up of individuals with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities, their families, friends, interested citizens, and professionals in the disability field. 659-0802

A Shoulder to Cry on For widows, widowers, or anybody that has lost a loved one. Anna 270-991-3616

Bariatric Support Group For people in the process of having bariatric surgery or already had the surgery.  The meetings are held every third Monday of the month at 5:30 at TJ Health Pavilion. Megan Asberry 270-659-5945

Bereavement Support Group For people who have lost loved ones. Meetings are third Monday of each month at 2PM at TJ Health Pavilion. Loretta Boone 270-651-4430.  

Grandparents Support Group  Third Friday of each month at 11AM at TJ Health Pavilion. Tammy Lindsey 270-651-1327

Oncology Support Group People who have been affected by any type of cancer.  Amy Stephens 270-659-5893

A Stroke Ahead People affected by stroke or brain injury Emily Grinstead 270-659-5650

KY SPIN Parent Center  statewide project funded by Department of Education to provide training, information and support for children and youth (ages 0-26), their parents, families, and professionals to link to valuable resources that will empower them to live productive fulfilling lives. Our Barren County Representative is Hope Daughterty (606)354-2483(606) 354-3349 email:


If you have a mental health crisis please call 911 or your  Local Community Mental Health Center's Children's Crisis Stabilization Services at 270-901-5712 or 1-800-223-8913 located at 501 Chestnut Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 (pictured below) or for Adult Crisis Stabilization call 270-843-4357 located at 822 Woodway Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 

If you prefer other agencies, those closest geographically to us besides Life Skills, Inc. are Rivendell Behavioral Health Hospital 270-843-1199 at 1035 Porter Pike, Bowling Green, KY 42103 (pictured below)

or LTBHC (Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System) 1-800-274-7374 at 3909 S. Wilson Road, Radcliff, KY 40160

School Counselor Day at CCSU





Rivendell Behavioral Health Hospital | Bowling Green, KY |  RivendellBehavioral.comFront Entrance


                                                    Image result for educational quotes for students   

“Thank You”

for taking moments out of your day to offer a smile, positive word, or helping hand to your peers,  family, students, teachers, custodians, physical therapists, teachers' aids, administrative assistants, 21st Century, secretaries, college interns, occupational therapists, nurses, cafeteria workers, FRYSC, migrant program, school counselors, social workers, bus drivers, speech therapists, mental health providers, coaches, AmeriCorps, mentors, school psychologists, parent/teacher councils, maintenance workers, technology office, administrative staff, volunteers, site base council, substitutes, CASA workers, and your community.  Please take note that you are appreciated for instilling hope in others by your helping hand and encouraging smile that you share in Barren County Schools and in our community!                                           

All resources provided are for educational and/or informational purposes. Any product or program mentioned is done so with the intention of presenting potential resources for parents/teachers/staff to consider. No product or program mentioned is endorsed by Barren County Schools unless stated otherwise.